Hours Of Operation

Monponsett Inn
11:30AM - 8:00PM
Tue - Thu
11:30AM - 9:00PM
Fri - Sat
11:30AM - 12:00AM
10:00AM - 8:00PM


"Beautiful view and setting. Brunch has such a huge assortment of food. From eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, fresh fruit, and made to order omelets  to baked stuffed fish, ham, roast beef, baked stuffed manicotti, vegetables, and then if you have more room: dessert! Also serves breakfast cocktails. Service was great too!"

-Cheryl Ladd


Comedy show included buffet dinner and dessert.Comedians we're great! Especially the Pharmacist at the end! My first time at Monponsett Inn, very nice place to eat and friendly staff.A must if you want a fun night out.Also a DJ with music so you can dance also!There is a open bar for alcoholic beverages.I loved it!! Tickets were $35

-Stephanie Bocchetti

Hi Amanda,
The day was phenomenal. The coordinator honestly was the most wonderful part of the day for me- Apart from Stephen of course. There was so much stress on that day with the hairdresser taking an unscheduled extra hour causing me to burst into tears while sitting there in her chair, lol. My family of hens clucking all around me led by my mother who was stressing me out to the point of just wanting to run far far away and then the Pastor not showing up because he forgot he had to be there at noon rather than 2pm. The ceremony was supposed to be at 1:00pm ugh. But she was unbelievable in her execution of everything. She got rid of my family and kept everyone at bay. She made me focus on her eyes and calmed me through the entire process of every challenge. She guided myself and my daughter to make our entrances and then she managed everything throughout the entire process. She was simple amazing. She really was a pillar of strength and I KNOW we couldn't have had the most amazing day without her. Your staff in its entirety were flawless. They did an amazing job decorating. Every guest commented on how beautiful and perfect everything was and they were sooo impressed with the staff and of course your location. I have not even touched on the food yet but in addition to Stephen and myself, everyone raved.
Amanda, thank you for everything. It honestly was the most perfect day and aside from marrying the most wonderful and amazing man, the day’s success is credited to you, your staff and the Monponsett Inn itself. It was wonderful. Now that we are home, we will look forward to coming back often to visit you guys being able to enjoy a delicious meal, having the best wait staff and being in the location of the happiest day of our lives.
Thank you!!!!